Work-life balance.

Work - life balance, it can be essential to get it correct :

Work - life balance is important.  Counselling can help to establish, improve and maintain an appropriate balance.

A job, or work, is necessary for most people for income. It often also provides interest, sense of purpose, self-esteem, travel and adventure, colleagues who often become friends, and many other benefits. Many people spend more of their waking lives working than in any other activity.

A job can also become your master or enforcer. It can become the apparent reason for living, an entity seemingly more important than the lives which it is supposed to be supporting. It can dictate when you awake and sleep, who you meet, what clothes you wear, where you live, when and which holidays you have.

People who achieve a genuine balance between work and personal lives will be happier, with a more enriched personal and social life. They will have greater 'well-being', for the benefit of themselves and those around them.  They will often also have a greater success in the professional career that they have chosen.

I have experience of living and working in many areas of the world as a technician, supervisor and manager, also a managing director of my own business, in enjoyable as well as challenging locations. I am familiar, from a personal viewpoint, with the stresses that occur whilst juggling pressures of work and personal life. It is often more difficult for families and partners than for the employee.


Counselling will often bring clarity and reality to problems, enhancing enjoyment and purpose to lives - of clients and their families.

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