Improving self-esteem:

Self-esteem is your own valuation of yourself. Many people do not acknowledge  their own attributes, skills and values. Thus, they undervalue themselves.

People have their own evaluation of themselves. People decide that value for themselves at various stages of their lives. They will often re-evaluatate that value, resulting from  occurances in their lives. If their own perceived  value of themselves is lower than they really think it should be, there is a conflict - they will not be feeling that they are worth the value that they should be.

Outside influences can alter the internal evaluation that people make of themselves. If a person feels other people may be important in their lives, they may judge that the other person is "more correct" than their own evaluation of themselves.

Counselling can assist in re-evaluating the value that a person has decided for themselves. Any one person is rarely able to evaluate how another person has behaved; they are also rarely able to evaluate their own abilities and esteem. Counselling can help in that understanding.

Most people set goals for themselves at various times in their lives. Few people acknowledge or celebrate when they reach those goals. Acknowledging achievements is important; yet many people have been brought up to negate that. They do not want to "blow their own trumpet", etc.

If the self-worth and self-competence are acknowledged, the feeling of one's own self-esteem will be improved.

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