Redundancy information

Counselling in Exeter. Redundancy information.

Redundancy can be traumatic and deeply distressing. The very word "redundant" implies being no longer required, useful or necessary; in this case to the employer. This can easily be wrongly interpretated by the employee in many ways as negative evaluation and criticism.

Except in the rare situation of redundancy being instigated by the employee it is likely that some, or all, of the following thoughts and emotions will be felt:




not good enough


loss of self-esteem

Counselling can bring reality back to the situation of being made redundant. We can separate the understanding of the employee's emotions from the reality of the problems of the employer.

Redundancy may occur for a number of reasons. In many cases it will be because the employer wishes to reduce costs. In some cases it is because the employer hired the wrong person for the role that was necessary to be performed. In all of these situations the employer "got things wrong".

Understanding how redundancy is not a negative  evaluation of an employee's worth, but is an event of business, may separate the employee's emotional feelings of distress from the reality of the business situation.

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