Frustration information.

Frustration, acknowledging and using it :

Acknowledging frustration enables a person to use it, to their advantage.

Frustrations are related to unrealized expectations. People often develop expectations, based upon historical events. An event happens in life with the results of that event. Then people reasonably expect that event to happen again, with the same results. If it doesn't, people may get frustrated, becaused it may be difficult to make sense of why the present does not behave in a similar manner to the past.

Understanding that frustrations are expectations which do not happen can help. Counselling helps people to understand that what happened in the past may not happen in the present, or the future.

People sometimes make an unconscious 'rule-book' of how things happen. The 'rule-book' may be:  I did this in the past; therefore if I do the same, the same result will happen.

Sometimes it will, sometimes it will not. When it does not happen the way it did in the past, it may be frustrating. It can cause a feeling of 'being cheated'. That emotion of being cheated may be a feeling which can migrate across from the subject which originally caused it, into other areas of the client's life.

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