Couples counselling infomation

Couples counselling information:

As with any complicated situation, relationships often have their problems.

During counselling we will work towards identifying the real principal problems that are issues in the relationship. The real problems are often  different from the apparent problems.

Those problems can be worked on, with an ambition to resolve or improve them. Communications can be improved, compromises can be understood to be required and then organized.

Couples may have forgotten what was the attraction of each other when they first met. It is likely that situations will have changed, however the attractions which were originally there are likely to be still existing.

Counselling can help people understand themselves and others. Couples may have problems due to communications, or lack of communications, between each other. Counselling can help to improve situations by working towards ensuring that the message being sent is that received.

In some cases, a couple may want to separate, or situations have changed beyond a critical point of acceptance for one or both people. In that case, counselling can assist in bringing a mutually acceptable end or change to a relationship.

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