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Counsellor Brian Dennis

Counselling in Exeter for feelings of anxiety:

Anxiety is a feeling that something is not right, that  there is an unsolved situation which is going to negatively affect you in the future. Anxiety normally concerns perceived future situations. It is rare that a person will be anxious about an event from the past, unless that past event may affect future  situations.

Often the the subject of the anxiety is difficult to define; it is unknown, which may be a major part of the issue. Counselling can help by rationalizing the issue into its separate parts, then working on each  of those parts in a manner which brings reality and good feelings to the  subject.

In severe cases the anxiety is considered subconciously as a potential danger. The brain may not be able to rationalise the "danger" to decide how the body should react; a potential "overload" can occur. The "fight, flight or freeze" syndrome results. If the brain cannot rationalise that the danger should be fought, or fled from; the tendency may be to mentally "freeze" - or be overcome and not able to emotionally handle the situation.

Counselling works, it is effective. Sometimes it is not easy to think how one's thoughts and actions have been; however it is worth the effort. Bringing awareness of the past results of your feelings and emotions may be the method of changing how you wish to bring future well-being to your life.

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