Why counselling

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Counsellor Brian Dennis

Why counselling can help.

Counselling can help bring reality and a sense of 'knowing what is going on' to a life which may be  feeling clouded by doubt and misjudgement.

Ultimately, each person is their own being. Whether they like it or not; they are responsible for their own livelihood, responsibilities and actions. Counselling can  asssist a person to develop their own recognition of that and their own methods of behaviours towards improving their own situation.

Counselling can help bring the reality that each person has both the authority and the responsibility to live their own life in the way that they wish.

For a prompt appointment in Exeter, call or text: 07757 233386. I may be with a client, or otherwise occupied, in which case please leave a message with your contact number. I will respond promptly. Or email: info@counsellingexeter.co.uk         Or use the contact page to  send me an email.