Gambling problem acknowledgement.

Internet Counselling's process - how we do it.  Brian Dennis MBACP (Accred.)

Clients may realise how gambling has changed their life.  When that happens it is an acknowledgement of the issue.

Many people who have issues with gambling come to a realisation that they need to stop gambling,  at some stage. Often, by that time they have understood how their lives, as well as often the lives of others, have been negatively affected by their gambling. Often it will be be that people will understand how their relationship is in danger due to the gambling problems.

Gamblers are usually liers. They have to be, or to be a hermit without connections with other people. When people in their relationship realise that lies are being told, about finance, timings and promises, there will be relationship problems.

Acknowledging the issues brings reality to the situation. We can then work with the reality into engaging in alternative possibilies and behaviours, which do not include gambling.

With determination to change behaviours, gamblers are often able to learn methods and tools to change their habits of gambling. They will then be able to use those methods to resist the tendency to gamble in the future.


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