Gambling, change of identity.

Changing identity to being a "Non-gambler".  Brian Dennis MBACP (Accred.)

Clients can start to realise that they do have control of how they behave. Most people feel that they have inherent behaviours, it may be that of being an honest person, or a thief; a hard-worker or a lazy person; a sober person or a drug-taker;  OR A GAMBLER;  etc.

People are not born with any of those habits, or behaviours. They learn them. As they are learned habits, they can be changed or 'un-learned'.

Change is thought of by the brain as being dangerous, a risk; that is a natural unconscious tendency by the reptilian brain as an aid to survival. Thus, changing to being a 'non-gambler' will often be a challenging task.

Counselling can change the emotional feeling of identity towards being a person who 'does not gamble'; in the same way that person is a person who 'does not take drugs', 'does not like marmite', or any other 'not-habits'.

That process will often be part of the gambling counselling which we can do. Making that change will be an effort, as with any change. It can be done, as other changes have been.

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