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Online Counselling.   Brian Dennis, MBACP(Accred.),  M.A.    T:07757 233386.

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Counsellor Brian Dennis

Internet Counselling in Spain.  Brian Dennis MBACP (Accred.) M.A.

Spain can be a lovely place to live. However, the different ways and aspects of life can be frustrating for people who are not used to it.

Counselling can help a person to understand the benefits, whilst becoming aware of the advantages.

I can offer counselling for various issues by internet methods. This method has the financial and convenience advantages of not having to travel to a location to attend the counselling, enabling counselling from any location worldwide where internet connections are available. For legal reasons, there may be restrictions for some locations, e.g. U.S.A.

For a prompt appointment, call, text, email or use my contact page of this web site: (0044) 7757 233386. I may be with a client, in which case please leave a message with your contact number. I will respond promptly. Or email:    Or use the contact page to  send me an email.