Portugal counselling

Internet counselling from Exeter.  Brian Dennis MBACP (Accred.)  M.A.

Portugal is a a wonderful place to live. Moving to Portugal from a different location involves changing  reactions to the different inputs  situations.

I have lived and worked in Portugal for many years. I appreciate the wonderful aspects of the country as well as the problems that people can encounter.

Portugues people are friendly and they accept the differences of other people, including foreigners. The life in Portugal is convenient for a person to move into, it should be easy. However it will always be different from the place that the expat came from.

Moving to any different location involves changes. Moving to Portugal may include complications with residence permits, driving licences, etc., and other complications. Those complications can be dealt with, it is necessary to  allow for them.

Counselling can help a person to understand the benefits, as well as appreciating reasons for some of the differences.

I can now offer counselling using internet methods. This can be effective in many ways. This method has the financial and convenience advantages of not having to travel to a location to attend the counselling.

For a prompt appointment, call, text, email or use my contact page of this web site: (0044) 7757 233386. I may be with a client, in which case please leave a message with your contact number. I will respond promptly. Or email: info@counsellingexeter.co.uk    Or use the contact page to  send me an email.