CoronaVirus Anxiety

Counselling Exeter. Coronavirus anxiety.

During the period of the coronavirus situation many people may have anxiety about their own or other people's situation. Counselling can assist in reducing the emotional effect of this anxiety.

There are several reasons why people are emotionally affected:

  • Situations are not under the client's control.
  • The virus situation has not occured before. It is uniquely new for everybody.
  • The virus is not labled as the 'responsibility' of an entity. There is no easy fix or solution.
  • Life has changed, negatively, for most people; change is recognised sub-consciously as a danger.
  • People are being restricted in their lives, in many ways as if they are being punished. House restrictions, or 'lockdowns' are similar to a 'house arrest'.

One of the important factors is the inbuilt survival method - fight, flight or freeze. That survival methods help us to survive dangers. People are told of the dangers of coronavirus, the brain recognises the dangers, the survival mode starts up.

Counselling will be by internet program, which complies with security requirements whilst permitting counselling to be performed from any location which has internet access.

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