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Counsellor Brian Dennis

Counselling Exeter, Brian Dennis MBACP (Accred.)   M.A.

Do you want to feel better in your life?  During counselling sessions we work towards developing positivity and improved well-being, usually whilst understanding the root causes of emotional troubles.

Clients can discuss their issues during counselling in a confidential, empathetic surrounding, without their own feelings, values, emotions and issues being judged or discounted by the therapist.

Counselling clients have courage, they are working towards improving their life situation. Any improvement will be a change, which the brain may perceive as a risk. As the brain often tries to defend against that risk, there may be natural reluctance to that change.

Counselling clients come to my practice to resolve and improve their  issues, which may include: 

  • anxiety.
  • depression.
  • stress, either personal or professional.
  • lack of self-esteem.
  • anger, or a feeling that anger is building in yourself and is negatively affecting your lifestyle and your relationships.
  • frustration.
  • problems from a change of lifestyle and emotions resulting from relationship breakup, redundancy, etc.
  • a general feeling of being miserable, or not living life as you would wish and expect.
  • a lack of positivity in your life.
  • addictions and compulsions, including gambling and other behavioural problem issues.
  • couples counselling.
  • and many more.

As a counsellor in Exeter, I focus on issues that clients wish to work on or resolve.    The future is often influenced by the past, so it is useful to understand past events and situations. With that understanding those issues can be worked on and the understanding of them improved.

Some clients may wish to improve their outlook on the future, without "delving into" or "exploring" the past. The past cannot be changed, however much it is discussed and looked at. For some people, understanding and accepting that is a way of "moving on" with a more positive future.


Counselling can help people to understand and be more aware of  their own feelings, as well the feelings and emotions of others.  Often, feelings have roots in  previous experiences or background. Those feelings were learned in the past, under past circumstances. Present circumstances may be very  different, so the feelings are  also likely to be different.  It can help to clarify that knowledge and apply it in the most productive manner.

My counselling follows the belief  that each person is their own individual self, who inherently tries to improve their well-being in their own way. I am a fully qualified and experienced counsellor and I use  an integrated range of  counselling methods as appropriate. Those methods  include person centered counselling, transactional analysis, NLP,  positive therapy, motivational interviewing and other methods to bring a balanced, comfortable and positive experience  for my clients.

Each person has their own issues, problems, hopes, fears - and a lot more.  I respect those differences and work with them during the Exeter counselling sessions.

Please contact me  to discuss your situation and to make an initial counselling appointment.

For a prompt appointment in Exeter, call or text: 07757 233386. I may be with a client, or otherwise occupied, in which case please leave a message with your contact number. I will respond promptly. Or email: info@counsellingexeter.co.uk         Or use the contact page to  send me an email.