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Counselling Exeter, Brian Dennis MBACP (Accred.)


I am conducting a research project as part of my Masters Degree with Bath Spa University. The research will add to the information known about problem gambling, specifically concerning the saving behaviours of people with problem gambling tendencies.

Participants are being requested to take interviews of 60 minutes. The interviews can be via Skype internet, or face-to-face. Their confidentiality will be maintained. There will be an offer of a £15 gift card to compensate for the time and effort taken to participate.




Information sheet to participants.



Project Title:

An exploration of the savings habits of a participant group of people who define themselves as problem gamblers?


Name of Researcher:

Brian Dennis. BACP (Accred.)

Thank you for your interest in taking part in this research. Before you agree to take part, please read the following information.


If you have any questions arising from this Information Sheet or explanation already given to you, please ask the researcher before you to decide whether to participate.


Who am I?

My name is Brian Dennis. I am a BACP accredited qualified counsellor practising in Exeter, Devon. I am also a postgraduate student studying at Bath Spa University.


Introduction to study.

This study will research savings methods and habits of people who consider themselves to be problem gamblers.


Purpose of the research.

The research will provide additional information of the saving habits of problem gamblers, working towards enabling advanced recognition of tendencies which may be typical of problem gamblers. Research methods will be semi-structured interviews with people who consider themselves problem gamblers. Analysis of those results will provide information which will improve the available knowledge of the savings habits of problem gambling.


What it will involve.

Interviews will be held with adults who consider themselves to be problem gamblers. Interviews will be concise and detailed, designed to minimise the time occupied by participants whilst providing the maximum useful research information. The participants will provide information on their manners and habits of saving. Those results will be analysed to provide qualative information about the saving habits of this selection of participants. Interviews may be via Skype or other internet procedures, if face-to-face interviews are not practical. Scheduling of interviews will be coordinated with participants for their convenience.

Participants will be provided with transcripts of interviews and drafts of the project after each interview and before the finalisation of the submission. Participants will be requested to confirm, or correct, the accuracy of those transcriptions. Any corrections or requested alterations by participants will supersede previous documentation, as they will be considered as having greater validity.

Interviews will each be expected to be approximately 60 minutes duration.


Questions asked to participants may include the following, as examples:

•During your childhood and youth, can you describe your saving habits, if any?

•How did you handle the transition from being a child and youth, to then being responsible as a youth or adult for your own financial well-being?

•How do you consider your relationship with your money?


Choice of participants.

Participants will be competent adult people who consider themselves to be problem gamblers. Participants will not be previously known to the researcher; nor will be, or have been, clients of the researcher.

There will be an estimated maximum number of 8 participants. Participants will be adults, who are competent to make their own judgements.



Organisations that assist problem gamblers will be formally requested to permit requests to be entered to their website forums. Upon formal written permission being granted, forum readers will be requested to contact the researcher to join the project as a participant.

Respondents will be requested to confirm that they are adults, willing and competent to participate in research as individuals.

Research methods will be semi-structured interviews, with people who consider themselves problem gamblers.

The data collected will be made anonymous, so that individuals’ identities will not be revealed or discoverable. The data will be used to complete a research project which may reduce the effects of problem gambling.



Four trimesters of BSU University.



As a result of the project and subjects discussed, participants may increase their awareness of the subjects of the research.

In the case that any distress or concern arises in participants they will be signposted to counselling or other appropriate assistance; any costs of that assistance will be their responsibility, in the unexpected case that the client is not offered free counselling by an appropriate charity.


Confidentiality of the participants’ identity will be an essential ethical component of the research.

That confidentiality will be maintained by assigning codes for each participant at the earliest opportunity. After that, only first names and the code number will be used during interviews and data analysis. Care will be taken that any information from the process that could indicate identities will be eliminated from the recorded data at the earliest opportunity.


Data collected during the project might be mislaid or criminally interfered with.

Care will be taken to adhere to best methods of data protection at all stages of the project. Any written documents will be disposed via comprehensively shredding. Any online documents will be eliminated in a non-recoverable method.


Participants may divulge information which, later, they may wish to retract.

Participants will be provided with transcripts of their interviews after each interview and interpretations of their data before it is analysed, to provide their opportunity for correction, changes, or elimination as they may feel necessary or desirable.



Increased information of the savings habits of problem gamblers may increase resources to minimise the negative effects of problem gambling at an earlier stage of its development.



Any data collected will be examined to detect any information that could identify the participant. That identifying data would be erased. Examples might be addresses, occupations, professions, identifying features, etc.

Participants will be assigned a code number when contact is established with the project. Only that code number and their first name and first initial of their surname will be used during the process of the research project. If the participant’s first name and initial of surname may provide a possible identification alternative code names will be used for the purpose of coding.

During the project the data will be held in a computerized, password protected, format. The password will not be used or accessible to any other person than the researcher. The data will be deleted and destroyed when it is no longer necessary for the completion of the research project, which is expected to be approximately February 2019. The data will be maintained under the terms of the data protection act of 1998, or any updated data protection requirements.


Sharing the results.

The research project will be presented as a dissertation of the Bath Spa University Professional Masters Programme, of which I am a student.

The research project will be used only for the purpose of submission for the academic qualification for which I am studying. It will not be used for any other purpose. The research will not be used or quoted in my practice. The overall results may indirectly influence my counselling practice, as the information may advance the beneficial assistance to my clients; in that case the research project would not be described or mentioned.

The research will only be viewed by participants, my tutors and personnel authorized by BSU to view such a dissertation.


Right to refuse or withdraw.

Participants will be told that they can cease any interviews or interaction at any time up to the analysis of data. They will be advised of the procedure to do so. In that occurrence all data and information related to those participants will be deleted and erased.


Contact details.

The research proposal has been approved by Bath Spa University and is in accord with their research ethics, which seeks to ensure that participants are protected from harm. They may be contacted on:



Any questions you may have about this Information Sheet or the Informed Consent sheet or any other aspect of the research can be addressed to me at:



Signature: B. G. Dennis Date: 22/9/2017


Print name : Brian Dennis




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