Counselling for Gambling problems.

Counselling Exeter. Brian Dennis, MBACP(Accred.), M.A. T:07757 233386.

Gambling problems and behaviours. Brian Dennis MBACP (Accred.)


Gambling itself is not a problem, it is the consequences for some people that may be a problem. Many people who have had a 'big' gambling win in their life 'cling onto' that as 'proof' that their gambling will be profitable. However a roulette wheel does not have a memory, nor does a dice. They do not 'remember' the last spin or roll.


The client will be encouraged to make rational decisions as to whether they want to gambled - or not. There are tools available which will help clients make rational, sensible decisions, as opposed to impetuous processes based on instant gratification and illogical impulses.



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